Paglubad Screens in Sharjah Film Platform

Paglubad, a short narrative film, directed by Jean Claire Dy, was recently screened at Sharjah Film Platform last January 18-16  in the United Arab Emirates.

Paglubad or Unravel a short film produced by Stories Beyond has been selected out of over 400 applicants for this year’s Sharjah Film Platform(SFP), the annual programme organised by Sharjah Art Foundation in the City of Sharjah, United Arab Emirates.

The film was screened at Mirage City Cinema Al Mureijah Square and was presented as its international premiere along with other 120 competing films from over 40 countries.

Paglubad in Ateneo de Manila

Friends in Manila, Jean Claire Dy ‘s Paglubad and Manuel Domes’s Traces will screen at Ateneo de Manila this Friday and two weeks after. Check the poster for details

Paglubad Screens in Berlin

Jean Claire Dy at her artist talk at Takt AIR Academy in Berlin during the screening of Paglubad on January 23 2018

Paglubad (Unravel) recently screened in Berlin during Jean Claire Dy’s artist talk at Takt AIR Academy in Neue Hochstrasse.  The screening had a good turn out as audience range from Filipino migrants, scholars, German development workers, and other artists from different countries.

There was a short discussion after the screening where questions generated interesting conversations on dealing with the trauma of the past on a different scale.

Paglubad will also be screened in Cologne this coming March.

Paglubad Screens at Cinematheque Iloilo

Paglubad director and writer Jean Claire Dy with cinematographer and editor Manuel Domes

Stories Beyond recently had a successful screening of its short narrative film “Paglubad” (Unravel) at the FDCP Cinematheque Iloilo last October 20, 2017.

The talkback after the screening generated a lively discussion on history, memory-making, and dealing with the past, especially ones that are complex and complicated. The Ilonggo audience also raved about the screenplay and the poetic visuals provided by the cinematography that left them teary-eyed and speech less.

There is enthusiasm in further screening the film in other parts of Panay Island, a development that Stories Beyond’s storytellers found encouraging as a way to push forward its mission to engage communities about difficult topics that are largely forgotten histories of conflict that connect the Panay and Mindanao islands.

The Paglubad cast and crew with FDCP Iloilo representative after the screening

Paglubad Chosen in the Line-up of Salamindanaw Asian Film Festival 2017

Stories Beyond’s “Paglubad” (Unravel), a short narrative film written and directed by Jean Claire Dy, and cinematoraphy and editing by Manuel Domes, was recently chosen as part of the Mindanao films competition category of the Salamindanaw Asian Film Festival to be held on Novemeber 12-December 1, 2017.

Salamindanaw is the only international film festival in southern Philippines which aims to raise awareness and promote international cinema with emphasis on strengthening the cultural ties between Mindanao and its Asian neighbors, support the nascent film movement in the region, as well as engage the public in both popular and critical discourse on art and cinema and their transformative power to shape ideas about society, and encouraging cultural diversity and the plurality of creative expressions.

Check out the announcement at the Salamindanaw website.

Paglubad Special Screening in Iloilo City

This will be the first time this independent short film will be screened in Iloilo. As it was shot in Iloilo City with an Ilonggo cast and crew, it is fitting to screen it here on a 1 night only event.

Ticket price: 75 php
Proceeds will go to part of the completion of our documentary film on the Marawi Siege and the rent for the venue.

About the film: Ligaya, a filmmaker, stays with her uncle Primo in Iloilo to finish a documentary film about her roots. Her need to understand why her family in Cotabato resists her plan to marry a Muslim motivates her to seek answers from her uncle about his past life in Mindanao during the tumultuous 1970s. Unwittingly, she unravels a wartime secret.

Written and directed by Jean Claire Dy
Cinematography and editing by Manuel Domes
Starring Joan Paulette Liboon, Bebot Gorres, and Nathan Sotto
Original Musical Score by John Diagoras
Produced by Stories Beyond

On a more larger social impact, there has been little outreach and engagement with Visayans to discuss the root causes and histories of conflict in Mindanao, despite the role some Ilonggo settlers from Panay island played in the conflict. This lack of knowledge and prevailing prejudices against Muslims in the Philippine are major stumbling blocks for a lasting peace that addresses historical injustices.

Paglubad (Unravel), a short film written and directed by Jean Claire Dy and cinematography and editing by Manuel Domes was envisioned as a platform for dialogue around this largely forgotten part of Philippine history. In the experience of peace advocates, artistic approaches such as films are soft, yet important, venues for dialogue about sensitive issues charged with historical tensions.

This has been our dream that through Stories Beyond we can possibly make such dialogue happen through filmmaking. And it was and will always be the reason why we moved here early this year. Due to unforeseen circumstances, one of us have to take a short break.

Stories Beyond produces new narrative short

Logline: Ligaya, a filmmaker, stays with her uncle Primo in Iloilo to finish a documentary film about her roots. Her need to understand why her family in Cotabato resists her plan to marry a Muslim motivates her to seek answers from her uncle about his past life in Mindanao during the tumultuous 1970s. Unwittingly, she unravels a wartime secret.

Pagrara Sang Patipuron Screening Schedule

For the past months, we have screened the film in different places. Early March, we screened it at SM Megamall for the Sinag Maynila Film Festival. Then late March, Pagrara was chosen as the opening film for the Scholars for Humanity International Network Conference held at the UP Visayas Cinematheque in Iloilo City.

This April, we have two screenings already set. The first one is on April 9 at Pineapple Lab in Makati at 4pm. The next screening will be at UP Dilliman’s Abelardo Hall. This is under the invitation of the UP Congress of Teachers and Educators for Nationalism and Democracy. We are happy to be part of this event. There will be two screenings: 9am and at 1pm.

We are looking forward to screening the film in different universities nationwide as we feel this is how we can gain impact with the kind of statement the film wants to impart.

So if you know of any university willing to show this film to their students, you can click on contact and write as a message.

Sinag Maynila Screening

Pagrara Sang Patipuron will be screened along with 4 other documentaries on March 12 at 11 AM at the SM Megamall as part of the Sinag Maynila Film Festival 2017. The film fest will run from March 9-14.